Therapeutic Aromatherapy Massage in Tonbridge


A Brief History of Massage

A lot of people enjoy a nice massage, it's an extremely popular treatment which has been carried out in many countries from as early as 3000BC. 

 Massage can bring many physical and emotional benefits, such as;

Relaxes the mind and body.  Improves blood and lymphatic circulation, bringing fresh oxygen and nutrients to the tissues and eliminating waste products which may be causing muscle stiffness, aches and pains. 

Also just taking some time to relax can make the word of difference.


My Kind of Massage

I was trained in Swedish style massage and also incorporate various other massage techniques I have learned over the years.  All of my treatments are tailored to each individual so no massage is the same.  

I use blends of essential oils which are carefully chosen to suit the needs of my clients, this could be for relaxation, a build up of tension in the muscles or something of a more spiritual nature. The ultimate choice is left to my client, the treatment is theirs to enjoy however they wish.


Treatments Available & Prices

Full Body Aromatherapy Massage 

A full body massage using aromatherapy blends to suit your individual needs.  Perfect for targeting areas of tension, promoting relaxation of the body and mind and creating a sense of well-being.

75 Minute Appointment * - £48  

90 Minute Appointment* -  £55

​Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage

A relaxing, stress busting treatment concentrating on tension and stiffness in the Back, Neck & Shoulders.

45 minute Appointment* - £28

Back, Neck Shoulder (Including Head & Face) 

60 Minute Appointment* - £40

Foot and Lower Leg Massage 

Concentrating on the legs below the knee and the feet, this relaxing treatment will help to improve circulation and relieve tension and aches and pains in these areas and leave you floating on air for the rest of the day.

30 minute Appointment* - £25

45 Minute Appointment* - £30

​Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage & Reflexology 

75 Minute Appointment* - £48

90 Minute Appointment* - £55

* Includes time for consultation

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